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Summary: California inmates finished their 59 day hunger strike to protest the state’s aggressive use of solitary confinement in jails. Prior to the strike many inmates gained weight in preparation and survived off of Gatorade during the strike, averaging 600-625 calories per day. Although the inmates seem to be healthy, they are at risk of having refeeding syndrome which, when eating after a period of starvation can cause “potentially fatal shifts in fluids and electrolytes possibly leading to cardiac arrest and even death.” Because doctors urge caution, the California Correctional Health Care System has established nutritional guidelines for the refeeding process and will treat inmates individually.

Think About:

1. Because the California criminal system believes jails are punitive rather than therapeutic, how do they approach healthcare?
2. What kind of healthcare do California inmates receive and what problems in their healthcare need to be addressed?
3. How much money is being devoted to the refeeding process after the strike?

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