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Summary: E-cigarettes were developed by a pharmacist in China to provide smokers with their tobacco fix without the danger of smoking toxic chemicals from the cigarettes. (Of course, they are still addictive because they have nicotine.) Some believe that these cigarettes could not only help people save money and reduce the severity of second-hand smoke but also help people quit because it satisfies the physical behaviors for smokers which is something that the patch cannot do. Also, some worry that it is introducing minors to smoking, and most adult addicted smokers say that they started as kids. With flavored e-cigarettes that are targeted to children such as gummy bear, will this reverse the progress that has been made in child tobacco use? However, can we ban something that could end the smoking epidemic? E-cigarettes are currently unregulated by the FDA so the organization needs to gain control quickly to force e-cigarette companies to disclose all its ingredients.

Think About:

1. Should e-cigarettes be banned in the US?
2. How have e-cigarettes been branded to target minors? What is the most effective way of branding this product so it will only be used to help smokers quit.
3. Should age restrictions be placed on e-cigarettes?
4. What can the FDA do to ensure e-cigarettes are not abused?
5. Do e-cigarettes mimic smoking “too much”? Essentially, will their ability to be so similar to cigarettes promote or maintain cigarette culture instead of destroy it?
6. E-cigarettes use liquified tobacco. How is this comparable to “hookah” smoking which uses a water filter? Which one is better to help smokers quit and which is less harmful?

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