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Summary: Dr. Galloway from the University of Delaware is a physical therapy professor with a mission to increase mobility in children who have disabilities that prevent them from walking. He focuses on toddlers and preschoolers because prior to attending school (where they typically get motorized chairs), these children are pushed around in strollers. This decreases their level of autonomy and keeps them from exploring their world which is “crucial to developing social interaction and making cognitive processes.” His solution for this neglected target group is a toy car (i.e. a Barbie Jeep) that is studded with safety features such as padding, seat belts, and satellite tracking. The car also is designed to support children who do not have the muscle control required for driving. The first model could come out in 6 months.

Think About:

1. How will use of this car affect the physical development of the child?
2. How will these cars be received by preschool and daycare teachers?
3. How much will these cost? Who will be able to afford these cars? Will their purchase be covered by insurance?

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