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Summary: A 10 year old Amish girl with lymphoblastic lymphoma is being forced to resume chemotherapy (she started in May then stopped in June). Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio is appealing a judge’s decision to give an RN limited guardianship for the girl’s medical decisions. According to the judge, the parents are not unfit and the child wants to use natural methods to prevent the side effects of chemotherapy. The hospital believes the chemo will save her life and an injunction has been issued for the treatment to resume until the issue has been resolved. 

Think About:

- Should the RN be given limited guardianship? Should the girl be forced to have chemo?
- Are these parents fit or unfit for not putting their daughter through chemo?
- What is the relationship between religion and medicine? Is this issue religious in the first place?
- How will the outcome of this case affect future cases?


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