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Summary: Many hospitals now offer private rooms and amenities generally associated with hotels such as room service and nail salons. Although having private rooms can be advantageous as they can lower infection rates and allow patients to rest more, the main purpose for these private rooms is for marketing. Many patients (sometimes referred to as “guests”) are attracted to certain hospitals by these services instead of, for example, low error rates. Hospital construction seems to have begun slowing with the Affordable Care Act on the horizon, but overall, because most hospitals are nonprofit, the construction is partially subsidized by public funds.
See more photos of fancy hospitals and take the QUIZ “Hospital or Hotel?”.

Think About:

1. What issues do treating hospitals like hotels pose?
2. Are hospitals distracting or “tricking” patients into becoming their “clients”?
3. Do these amenities decrease medical efficiency?
4. Who can afford these amenities?
5. Would removing these amenities reduce the cost of healthcare or are they an important part of hospital economics?

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