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Summary: New Jersey now allows children to be given medical marijuana with the approval of a parent, pediatrician, and a psychiatrist. 18 other states and Washington D.C. have already legalized this. Medical marijuana is being used for many therapies (i.e. autism and cancer) including epilepsy as it calms down overactive brain cells. Some use a form of marijuana with little THC and more cannabidiol which is not psychoactive. Other doctors believe that a clinical trial is necessary to prevent long-term damage for children from this treatment.

Think About:

- Is a clinical trial necessary for child-use of marijuana?
- Is this a lifetime therapy idea or a temporary one until others are found?
- Why did NBC news incorrectly spell THC and TCH? (sad but true)
- Is giving a child medical marijuana ethically the same or different as giving a child pain relievers? (i.e. NSAIDs)

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