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Summary: Some for-profit businesses are appealing the contraceptive mandate for religious purposes. The most recent case involving two brothers, Francis and Phillip Gilardi, claim that providing contraception to their employees (such as Plan B) goes against their Roman Catholic beliefs; if they do not provide it, they can be fined up to $14.4 million due to the contraceptive mandate. The company’s opponents argue that businesses do not exercise religion while the Gilardi brothers claim that businesses often participate in religious acts such as tithing and donating to charity. Currently, the mandate cannot be forced on the Gilardis while they appeal their case. Other appeals court circuits have also encountered similar cases but have all issued conflicting rulings. The Obama Administration has asked the Supreme Court to pick up a case involving Hobby Lobby (a crafts store) and its sister company Mardel Christian Bookstore most likely in order to set a precedent.

Think About:

1. Should for profit companies with religious owners be required to abide by the contraceptive mandate and provide contraception to their employees?
2. Would requiring for profit companies to comply be violating religious freedom of the owners? Would it be violating the religious freedom of the employees?
3. Consider the separation of church and state.

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