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Summary: Walgreens is now providing diagnosis and treatment services for chronically ill patients. The company hopes that their clinics will help expand business and compensate for a shortage of primary care physicians. The American Academy of Family Physicians disagrees and hopes other companies (such as CVS and Walmart) will not take this project on as well.

A Physician’s perspective: 
– Medicine will be less personalized, resulting in ineffective treatment
– Chronic illnesses can eventually become more complicated and require further, more intensive diagnosis and treatment
– More doctors involved could mean less sharing of medical information
– For-profit pharmacies may not have the patient’s best interests in mind

Think About:
– Is this an effective way to treat patients?
– How will this affect the ideal doctor-patient relationship?
– Will this compensate for the shortage of primary care physicians?
– Will these clinics take a greater advantage of patients (for money) than current physicians?





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