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Summary: Researchers have found RNA Biomarkers (including SAT1) which correlate with increasingly suicidal thoughts (high expression of certain genes = more suicidal thoughts). The experiment was conducted over a 3 year period with bipolar patients who had suicidal thoughts as well as a group of males who had impulsive and violent suicidal thoughts. Blood tests were performed on those who experienced rapid increases from no suicidal thoughts to extreme suicidal ideation. The experiments were performed only on males. Future studies will involve women clinical and socio-economic factors will be accounted for. 

Think About:

- Who would qualify to get tested for these marker levels?
- Will SAT1 level screening become a regular test for personal health, employment, and/or military employment?
- Will knowledge of high SAT1 levels create self-fulfilling prophecies of suicide?
- How will such screening be harnessed for suicide education and prevention?
- Will the same biomarker correlation be present in other suicidal populations?
– How will such research be harnessed by pharmaceutical companies?

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