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Summary: The “veterans of the tobacco wars,” three senators who have worked on legislation on regulating and banning the use of cigarettes, are now setting their sites on energy drinks. Senators want to  limit minors’ access to energy drinks.

Senators’ Arguments:
– Energy drink companies are using the same marketing tactics as tobacco companies did – advertising to children through sports events, MTV, and mascots loved by adolescents.
– Children do not know the drinks have not been FDA approved.
– In 2011 there were 21,000 emergency room admits related to energy drinks and 1,500 of those were ages 12-17.

Monster’s (Energy Drink Company) Arguments:
– Per ounce of energy drink there is 1/2 the caffeine present in one ounce of coffee.
– Caffeine has been studied for decades and is safe for consumption.
– Energy drinks are not comparable to tobacco because they do not kill the consumer and are not as addictive.
– Their target audience is ages 18-35.


Think About:
1. How comparable are energy drinks and tobacco?
2. Would limiting minors’ access to energy drinks violate rights or is it necessary for public health?


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