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1. Citi Bike: Citi Bank started a bike sharing program in NYC and the 6,000 new Citi bikes have traveled 5,550,424 miles so far!

2. DOMA: Gay marriage was legalized, meaning that teens who are now a part of a more accepting, gay-friendly country are less likely to experience depression and commit suicide. This will improve mental health.

3. Wendy Davis: Texas state Senator Wendy Davis delivered an 11 hour filibuster to stop a restrictive abortion bill which unfortunately was still passed. Still, she brought attention to the plight of the Texan woman and their struggle in accessing affordable healthcare.

4. Prancercise: A failed 80’s era workout inspired by horse movements became viral on YouTube.

5. Cronut Burger: An unhealthy croissant-doughnut hybrid caused 79 foodies in Toronto to contract food poisoning.

6. Plan B: FDA was able to approve access to the morning-after-pill for all ages.

7. Google Glass Surgery: Two surgeons used Google Glass as an educational tool for their students and residents.

8. Kale: People obsessed over this health food.

9. McDonald’s: This unhealthy chain began offering two vegetarian wraps to acknowledge the 5% of Americans who do not eat meat and to provide a “healthier” option. 

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