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It doesn’t matter if you are for or against the Affordable Care Act. These anti-Obamacare ads, though likely meant to scare people, are surprisingly hilarious and definitely deserve some credit in the comedy department. Both feature a creepy Uncle Sam acting as the clinician.

For Men:

The Atlantic eloquently states the take-home message for this video: “If you sign up for health insurance, this is where the government is going to stick it.”


For Women:

The Atlantic describes this gem as “Chucky meets Girls meets some kind of terrible Fourth of July parade costume.”


Biased Note: As someone who is in favor of the Affordable Healthcare Act, here is a reminder to make sure you get health insurance! If you are under 26 and lucky, don’t forget, you can be on your parent’s insurance. Enroll by January 15th to be covered starting February 1st.